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Daimy Lotus releases a cheeky pop-punk anthem, entitled, “Friends ;)”

Daimy Lotus is a Rotterdam-based artist and fierce songwriter from the Netherlands. Not too long ago, she released a cheeky pop-punk anthem, entitled, “Friends 😉,” produced by Afterparty via AWAL.

Daimy Lotus – “Friends ;)” lyric video

“Wake up, you’re in my bed and your clothes thrown over my nightstand. God knows how the hell we got here ‘cause friends don’t kiss then stay for the weekend. But you’re still here and it’s got me thinking, oh, why are you on my mind like that. Lately, I don’t wanna be your maybe. Go ahead and call me crazy but I don’t think that we can be friends.” – lyrics

‘Friends ;)’ tells a heartfelt story based around two friends living dangerously far from the friend zone. Apparently, they have crossed the forbidden line and now there’s no turning back to them being platonic friends again. With lust on her mind, she tells her friend/lover, “First night, your hands on my body, felt weird but you turn me on now. It’s day 10, I still feel it in my thighs. (Oh won’t you come back inside) ‘cause friends don’t kiss then shower together.”

‘Friends ;)’ contains a friendship-based narrative, tuneful chorus melody, and ear-pleasing vocals that will resonate well with fans of YUNGBLUD, Fletcher, and GAYLE. The explosive tune offers addictive guitar-laden instrumentation flavored with alternative rock and pop-punk elements. Furthermore, “Friends ;)” follows mildly on the heels of Daimy Lotus’ standout single, “1st Class D-Bag.”

“We crossed the line so we’re paying the price.”

Daimy Lotus - “Friends ;)” press photo
Photo by Monique Penders

“I wrote this song in London together with Afterparty and Nova May about two years after I f***ed up my friendship with my then-best friend. I never fancied him when we first met. We were even dating different people at the time. But we got closer and then we got really drunk one night and we were flirting and then boom. It was the scariest thing ever and I never thought I’d ever sleep with a friend but here we are. No matter the outcome, I feel we should go after what we want and trust our gut feeling more. So, here’s to trusting your gut feeling and f***ing up friendships! Hell yeah!” – Daimy Lotus explained

Daimy Lotus writes about themes of heartbreak, mental health, and self-growth. An advocate of inclusion sees Daimy’s music as accommodating and connecting with people who experience life in a variety of ways, ensuring that everyone feels both seen and heard. So far, she has collaborated with Markus Schulz, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Paris Hilton, Phuture Noize, and Julian Jordan. Thanks to these collaborations, she has performed on some of the biggest stages in the Netherlands like Defqon1 and a sold-out AFAS Live.

Lotus is already seeing support from radio (3FM, Radio 2, KINK) and TV (XITE). Spotify has added her tracks to their New Music Friday NL, Fresh Pop, Love or hate emo, and Equal Netherlands playlists. Also, she has achieved inclusion in editorial playlists via Apple Music and notable online tastemakers.

Daimy Lotus – “Friends ;)” single

Daimy Lotus - “Friends ;)” cover art

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