Courtney Marie Andrews is a traveling Indie-Pop/Country singer-songwriter outta Phoenix, Arizona. Not too long ago, she released the title track to her upcoming album, entitled, “May Your Kindness Remain”.

“May Your Kindness Remain”

May Your Kindness Remain is an honest song that grabbed our attention immediately. Andrews’s serene vocals, puffed with honesty, melted our hearts when we heard it echo the words, “If your money runs out and your good looks fade, may your kindness remain.”

Courtney Marie Andrews

Also, Andrews addresses some unbalanced aspect of life such as “being broke on a barstool, blowing your paycheck away on overpriced boots” and other relatable situations experienced by people all over the world.

Courtney Marie Andrews

Courtney Marie Andrews

Photo by Laura E. Partain

In conclusion, Andrews is a great songwriter, and her sultry voice is just the icing on the cake, which is probably sweet as her soul.

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