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Listen to “Quit You”: Kameron Marlowe’s heartfelt ode to his fianceé

Kameron Marlowe is a standout Country star. Not too long ago, he released a heartfelt, romantic ode to his fianceé with “Quit You,” written by Marlowe, James McNair, and John Pierce.

Kameron Marlowe – “Quit You” (Official Audio)

“This is my follow-up to ‘Giving You Up.’ The first line, at ’20 years old I kicked those cigarettes, the same year me and whiskey took a break’ is the hook of ‘Giving You Up,’ but rewritten to modern day of how I got where I am today. This is the space I was in before I met Meagan when I was looking for something to fill the void of finding myself. Now, I’m addicted to her love more than I’m addicted to anything else. She makes me a better person; she grounds me, and I am thankful for her love. I found myself through finding someone who understands me and loves me for all my faults. All the things I had been trying to quit like nicotine or cutting back on drinking, she’s my addiction. It’s the perfect love song.” – Kameron Marlowe explained

Kameron Marlowe has made a habit of kicking vices, but loving his fiancée is an addiction he’s never giving up. In “Quit You,” he gives listeners an intimate glimpse at his love story. Intriguingly swerving from the idea of letting go of addictions, he’s now instead, fully embracing the healthy one that he’s found in his fiancée. Showering awestruck praise on her unconditional love and the positive impact that she’s made on his life, this love song continues to open his next chapter with a very endearing look at who Marlowe is today through a snapshot lens of growth and maturity.

Kameron Marlowe, Ella Langley – “Strangers” (Official Music Video)

“Quit You” follows hot on the heels of Kameron Marlowe’s critically acclaimed duet with Ella Langley, “Strangers.” In the visually compelling music video (directed by Patrick Tohill), Marlowe and Ella Langley’s mesmerizing harmonies take center stage as they navigate the intricate dynamics of friendship, romance, and the eerie feeling of drifting apart.

Set against the backdrop of a moody restaurant, the video gradually builds tension, mirroring the escalating emotions of the narrative. As the intensity mounts, so does the fire around them, symbolizing the passionate yet destructive nature of their relationship. In the end, they’re left alone, grappling with the aftermath of their downfall.

Kameron Marlowe

Kameron Marlowe press photo

A streaming and vocal powerhouse with over 860M total global streams to date, Kameron Marlowe gears up to head down under with Lainey Wilson for her Country On Tour. Then he will share his new music on his headlining Strangers Tour with Tucker Wetmore come April. As 2024 shapes up to be his biggest yet, more exciting announcements can be expected very soon. Visit KameronMarlowe.com for tour dates and more information.

Fusing steel-toed toughness with a visceral approach to songwriting, Marlowe’s sound is built around edgy electric twang, smoldering shades of gritty rock, and a touch of bluesy tenderness, living comfortably in the darker corners of the honky tonk.

Launching onto the music scene with unstoppable momentum fueled by his Platinum-certified debut release “Giving You Up,” Marlowe delivered his debut album “We Were Cowboys,” in 2022 produced by Dann Huff. The critically acclaimed collection includes the Platinum-certified debut release “Giving You Up” and the Gold-certified hit “Burn ‘Em All,” which was one of 2022’s top streaming Country albums on Spotify. Named to CMT’s 2023 Listen Up class of exciting new talent and the Opry NextStage program, Marlowe was also previously highlighted as One to Watch by Amazon Music, Pandora, Spotify, and more than a dozen media outlets.

Kameron Marlowe – “Quit You” single

Kameron Marlowe Quit You Cover Art

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