courtesy of half-a-mil is a hip-hop duo consisting of DOM KENNEDY, a rapper out of Los Angeles, California. Also, it includes Hit-Boy, a producer known for producing “Niggas in Paris”, “Goldie”, and “Trophies”. Not too long ago, they released a string of EPs before dropping their debut album.

courtesy of half-a-mil – album

Not too long ago, the duo released a music video for “100 ROUNDS”, a song from their “HALF-A-MIL” EP. Check it out below.

courtesy of half-a-mil – “100 ROUNDS”

Listen to the entire EP via SoundCloud.

After “HALF-A-MIL” EP, KENNEDY and Hit-Boy released a music video for “Ski Mask Way”, a single from their “HALF-A-MIL 2” EP.

courtesy of half-a-mil – “Ski Mask Way”

The video shows the artists vibing in the studio with their entourage.

Listen to courtesy of half-a-mil’s “HALF-A-MIL 2” EP via SoundCloud.

Not too long ago after that, they released a music video for “In the Hills/Might as Well”, two songs from their “HALF-A-MIL 3” EP featuring rapper Quentin Miller.

“In the Hills/Might as Well”

Check out courtesy of half-a-mil’s “HALF-A-MIL 3” EP via SoundCloud.

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