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COSBY releases an appealing music video for their “Spaceship” single

COSBY is an electro-pop band from Munich, Germany. Not too long ago, they released an appealing music video for their “Spaceship” single.

COSBY – “Spaceship” music video

“Let me show you what’s inside of my brain. It’s a little confusing. Just quit the strain ‘cause I have built a whole new world for you and me in my head. Close your eyes and just imagine any laws so what would happen. We’re gonna start flying through the space at the speed of light. We’re gonna be hiding in our spaceship out of sight. Take your time to be by yourself. Ask questions that were never asked. Flying in our spaceship out of sight.” – lyrics

‘Spaceship’ tells a dreamy tale of a young woman who shares an unforgettable adventure with her significant other. Apparently, the experience takes place inside her mind, where they reside inside an imaginary spaceship traveling to a place where no rules or fear exists.

‘Spaceship’ contains a fantasy storyline, pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies. Also, the likable tune possesses vibrant instrumentation flavored with alternative and synth-pop elements.


COSBY press photo

“‘Spaceship’ is an appeal to the imagination in times when not only ourselves but the whole world is sitting in one boat. The song calls on you to create your own private world, just like when reading a book. Only this time we create our own stories. Then our minds are free.” – COSBY

Instead of moping around or passively listening to the endless stream of bad tidings, COSBY encourages listeners to utilize their imagination to escape their current realities.

“Spaceship” single

COSBY - “Spaceship” cover

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