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Conor Maynard releases a lovely visualizer for his “By Your Side” single

Conor Maynard is a talented singer-songwriter from Brighton, England. Not too long ago, he released a lovely visualizer for his deeply personal new single, titled, “By Your Side.”

Conor Maynard – “By Your Side” visualizer

“I received a lot of messages when I came back online, from fans and even just people that related to the feeling of wanting to take a break from the pressures of social media. I realized just how many people have been through a similar notion, even when the circumstances that have led to that decision are different. For that reason, I kept the lyrics of ‘By Your Side’ a little more open, so it can be interpreted to fit all different types of relationships; romantic, friendships, family, and all different reasons for letting go. Whether it be through just going your separate ways, or in the hardest of scenarios, death.” – Conor Maynard explained

‘By Your Side’ channels the frantic experience of watching a relationship come to an end that you so badly don’t want to let go of it. “It’s getting so hard to breathe,” Conor Maynard sings with passion. “Whatever happens, keep hold of me.” By Your Side is the second in a series of singles inspired by an extremely difficult breakup that Maynard endured during the winter of 2022. Also, the song is Maynard’s message to his fans who reached out to him in the wake of the breakup and his disappearance from social media, as he took time to heal and reflect on his experience.

Conor Maynard – “If I Ever” music video

‘By Your Side” follows the release of Maynard’s previous single, “If I Ever,” the first taste of a bold new slate of material that Maynard plans to release throughout 2023. Featuring fiercely personal songwriting and new confidence found touring the world, the releases mark a creative turning point for Maynard, as he lets the abundant skills of his youth blossom and steers him into new directions of artistry and creativity.

The music video, directed and produced by Maynard himself, explores trust and suspicion in relationships and the different outcomes that they each can lead to.

Conor Maynard – “By Your Side” single

Conor Maynard - “By Your Side” cover art

Maynard will continue to release material from this new era of creativity throughout 2023. Stay tuned for continued updates, and keep an eye on Maynard’s socials to follow his return to the world stage.

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