Coco Quinn – “Better Type” press photo
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Why Does Love Always Hurt? Coco Quinn’s “Better Type” Song Explained

Coco Quinn (@cocoquinn3) is a multi-talented artist, dancer, actress, and model. Not too long ago, she released her highly anticipated single, “Better Type,” co-written by Coco Quinn with Zach Sorgen [Charlie Puth, Ryan Tedder, Ava Max] via Seminal Records.

Coco Quinn – “Better Type” (Official Lyric Video)

“I usually try to write my music based on stories that most can relate to. I’m on TikTok a lot and so many girls are talking about their relationship problems. Long distance and excuses people give to end things are very relatable. This is a song about a girl who loved a boy, and he made the easy excuse that long distance would not work and surprisingly she saw him make long distance work with someone who was like her.” – Coco Quinn explained

“Better Type” is a song that speaks for itself. The pre-release teaser of the song catapulted to over 5 million views on TikTok, setting the stage for what promises to be another chart-topping success for this rising star of Gen Z. With pain in her voice, Coco sings with passion to her ex-significant other, “Why does love always hurt? Why we couldn’t make it work? But then you made it work with her. Blamed it on the distance, love me then you didn’t, you’re so inconsistent.” Left deep in her thoughts, it’s a sad sight to see a teary-eyed Coco sitting there all alone wondering where she went wrong.

“Better Type” contains a problematic post-relationship-based narrative that will surely resonate well with anyone who feels their world has suddenly ended because their partner is now with someone else. It’s a painful feeling and Coco Quinn conveys that emotional discomfort via her “Better Type” single.

“I guess she’s the better type.”

Coco Quinn – “Better Type” press photo

Coco Quinn has emerged as one of the most influential and versatile young talents in the entertainment industry. The singer-songwriter has showcased her talents throughout the entertainment industry in multiple facets. As an artist, dancer, actress, and model, she has garnered a massive social media presence across several platforms, and her music videos have collectively received over 220 million views and 9M Spotify streams.

From her roots on Dance Moms in 2016, Coco has been featured in multiple mainstream media broadcasts, including ABC, Family, Stitchers, and Brat’s “Mani” and “Chicken Girls” web series. Anticipation is building among her fans worldwide as they eagerly await her upcoming music releases and anticipate the prospect of her touring to connect with fans across the globe.

Coco Quinn – “Better Type” single

Coco Quinn – “Better Type” cover art

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