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Clear Soul Forces releases a music video for their “Hit Me Now” single

Clear Soul Forces is a 4-piece hip-hop outfit from Detroit, Michigan. Not too long ago, they released a music video for “Hit Me Now”, a dope rap tune from their “Still” album.

“Hit Me Now”

The TAPES-directed music video finds Noveliss, Ilajide, L.A.Z, and Emile Vincent performing outside in a graffiti-plagued area.

The four-man-crew waste no time displaying their unique flows and lyrical raps over a hard-hitting beat produced by Ilajide. Also, Noveliss stated that the song showcases all of the random things that describe the group.

‘Hit Me Now’ contains a diverse storyline, lyrical raps, and sample-friendly instrumentation flavored with jazzy hip-hop and urban-soul elements.

“Still” album

Clear Soul Forces - “Hit Me Now” artwork

The majority of “Still” was produced by Ilajide, who provided a modern and fresh take on the Golden Era’s boom-bap for the record’s production.

Clear Soul Forces bring the heat lyrically on the 11-track project while delivering slick blends of bravado, nostalgic references, and bits of personal introspection.

Get acquainted with Clear Soul Forces’ music by streaming their “Still” album via Spotify.  

Clear Soul Forces – “Still”

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