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Choosey & Exile releases a music video for their “Low Low” single featuring Aloe Blacc

Choosey is an Afro-Chicano rapper from LA by way of San Diego. Exile is the master producer who produced Blu’s “Below The Heavens” and Fashawn’s “Boy Meets World” albums.

Not too long ago, they released a music video for their “Low Low” single featuring soul singer Aloe Blacc. The evergreen track is featured on their “Black Beans” album.

Choosey & Exile – “Low Low” featuring Aloe Blacc

“If I had a low rider, I would make you ride shotgun with me. Cruise into the sunset until the tank is almost empty. If I had a low rider, I would take you to the mall and spend my money on you. Oh, you can have it all.” – lyrics

‘Low Low’ tells a dreamy tale of a young guy who daydreams about possessing a custom vehicle.

Apparently, while riding on a city bus, and later on a peddle bike, he juggles prosperous thoughts of what he would do if he had a low rider to drive around town in.

‘Low Low’ contains a relatable storyline, ear-welcoming soul vocals, and melodic raps. Also, the song possesses boomin’ instrumentation flavored with a nostalgic aroma perfumed with harmonious soul samples.

Choosey & Exile – “Black Beans” album 

Choosey & Exile + Black Beans album

“Oldies are a big part of Chicano culture on the west coast from the ‘50s to now. Choosey is born out of that. So with this album, we wanted to unify that sound with hip-hop.” – Exile

Choosey & Exile’s “Black Beans” album makes an important statement which favors black and brown unity.

The soulful project captures the feeling of a beautiful struggle which navigates life’s potholes throughout sunny Southern California.

Also, Choosey honors his family and significant other while attacking society’s ills including police brutality and gentrification.

Choosey & Exile – “Low Low” featuring Aloe Blacc

Choosey & Exile – “Low Low” featuring Aloe Blacc artwork

“My biggest influences have been people who spoke from the heart, and what’s most honest about me is my heritage. There’s a stigma that Black and Mexican cultures don’t get along, but I wanted to show the beauty of being a product of both.” – Choosey

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