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Chloe Bee releases a jazzy neo-soul tune, entitled, “Wet Cement”

Chloe Bee is an award-winning singer-songwriter from Warwick, New York. Not too long ago, she released a jazzy neo-soul tune, entitled, “Wet Cement”.

Chloe Bee – “Wet Cement” single

“There was a time that I’d grimace at the thought of confessing love, just ‘cause feelings were caught. Putting initials in ink, say, ‘baby, I miss you when I blink’, sounded so dumb. But you make me question saying your name in a text and swearing you’ll mess up my ex. Babe, is it my turn next?” – lyrics

‘Wet Cement’ tells a heartfelt tale of a young woman who puts everything aside, except for her significant other. Apparently, for the first time in her life, she’s comfortable with the idea of holding someone’s hand.

Later, she admits that her companion has no flaws. Therefore, she’s optimistic that their love (which is permanently written in cement) will last forever.

‘Wet Cement’ contains a relatable storyline, soothing vocals, and tuneful melodies. Also, the likable tune possesses jazzy instrumentation flavored with a horn section, dense harmonies, and chord progressions. Furthermore, co-producer, Seamus Ronan, elevated the song from a ‘70s groove to a 2020 vibe.

Chloe Bee

Chloe Bee press photo

“‘Wet Cement’ is about discovering what it means to be in a healthy and honest relationship for the first time. Also, realizing how superficial all of the others were.” – Chloe Bee

Chloe Bee, a double major at William Paterson University, is a classically trained musician (e.g., voice, piano, oboe). Instead of replacing instruments with production, like many of her contemporaries, Bee embraces true instrumentation and uses modern production techniques to create her genre-bending sound.

In 2017, Bee was selected as one of the eight vocalists in the prestigious 2017 GRAMMY Camp Jazz Session choir. While there, she sang with 30 of the best young jazz musicians (in the country) in performances throughout GRAMMY Week, including the GRAMMY after-party and Entertainment Tonight.

“Wet Cement” single

Chloe Bee - “Wet Cement” cover

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