Charity releases a classic neo-soul tune, entitled, “Millennials”

Charity is an R&B/Soul singer-songwriter out of Detroit, Michigan. Not too long ago, she released “Millennials”, a classic neo-soul tune from her upcoming debut album, entitled, “Tender Headed”.

Charity – “Millennials”

“How you afford to take them trips now? How you afford to own the cribs now? Can’t even think about no marriage or no babies. Too busy trying to keep a hundred in my savings. ‘Cause I still got this dream, silly me. I thought I’d be on by twenty-one.” – lyrics

‘Millennials’ tells the haunting tale of a millennial who struggles to keep her dreams alive while struggling to make ends meet within a broken capitalistic system. As she tries to keep her head above water, things start to fall apart financially, making it extremely difficult for her to fund her dreams and ideas.

‘Millennials’ contains a relatable narrative stuffed with information, passionate soul vocals, and a churchy organ-driven instrumentation perfumed with a groovy rhythmic gospel bounce.

Charity – “Millennials”

Charity + Millennials
Fun Fact: Millennials are also known as Generation Y or Gen Y. Researchers use the early 1980s as their starting birth years and the mid-1990s to early 2000s as their ending birth years.

Charity grew up as a preacher’s daughter in a praying household. She graduated out of Tennessee State University, and her musical influences include Stevie Wonder, Lauryn Hill, and Frank Ocean.

We recommend adding Charity’s “Millennials” single to your personal music playlist.

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