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Charisse Chua releases a cute lil pop tune, entitled, “Fridays”

Charisse Chua is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter. Not too long ago, she released a cute lil pop tune, titled, “Fridays,” produced by George Luo.

Charisse Chua – “Fridays” single

“Fridays are my favorite that’s when I see you. You give me butterflies, I hate it, I don’t know what to do. And I don’t wanna take a chance on someone else brand new. But I can barely talk about it ‘cause I get a little bit too nervous when I think of you.” – lyrics

Every week, Charisse Chua counts down the days to that special moment on Friday when she gets to cross paths with her significant other. Her heart skips a beat whenever she sees her companion walking towards her from a distance. She tries to gain composure, but her head can’t stop spinning around and around like a bottle top. Eventually, they meet, and she tells her partner, “Just a glimpse of you is all that it takes to make me weak. And why do I lose my words when you come near? And why won’t these thoughts of you just disappear?”

‘Fridays’ is an upbeat, happy song that can boost your mood. With its fast beat and full choir singing on the bridge, it’s the perfect summer song that you want to blast with the windows down in the car. Also, fans of Nicky Youre, Claire Rosinkranz, and Aidan Bissett will appreciate this song wholeheartedly.

“I can’t sleep, too busy dreaming about you and me. A possibility your eyes can’t see.”

Charisse Chua press photo

“When writing ‘Fridays,’ I wanted to capture that feeling of having a new crush or someone special that you’re looking forward to seeing, but you don’t quite know how to navigate it yet. You get really nervous but also excited! It’s a simple, yet very universal feeling that everyone goes through. It’s a song that I want people to blast in their car and sing with their friends, a song that I know will get boost people’s moods.” – Charisse Chua explained

Growing up, Charisse Chua was always drawn to music and began playing the piano and singing at a young age. When she got to college, she was determined to take the countless song ideas in her notes app and turn them into a reality. Though a computer science major at UCSD, she wrote songs almost as much as she writes code, and quickly found herself writing countless melodies and lyrics during any spare moment she has.

Charisse Chua – “Fridays” single

Charisse Chua - “Fridays” cover art

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