Celine Georgi - “As If” press photo

Listen to Celine Georgi’s “As If (Remix)” Single featuring Teo Amari and Kelly Big Dreams

Celine Georgi (@celine.georgi)  is an up-and-coming, independent singer-songwriter from the vibrant city of Berlin, Germany. Not too long ago, she released her “As If (Remix)” single featuring Nigerian rapper, Kelly Big Dreams (@kelly_big_dreams_official), who injects a vibrant and captivating element into the song, amplifying its impact.

“As If (Remix)” also contains an urban-pop and nostalgic R&B vibe that will surely resonate well with fans of Destiny’s Child, TLC, and Ariana Grande. The remix was produced by Teo Amari (@teoamari), a talented artist with unlimited creativity. Based in London, Ontario, Canada, Amari’s contribution to the remix brings fresh and invigorating energy to Céline’s original composition, elevating it to new heights.

Celine Georgi – “As If (Remix)” single featuring Kelly Big Dreams

Celine Georgi’s “As If (Remix)” reveals a riveting story about navigating the complexities and uncertainties of unfulfilling relationships. With a keen awareness of insincerity, Celine Georgi delves into the emotions and experiences that accompany such connections. Through her heartfelt lyrics, Celine artfully captures the desires, frustrations, and self-discovery that often intertwine in romantic relationships.

The song’s empowering themes resonate strongly as Celine describes her resolute decision to take charge of her romantic destiny. Her words serve as a rallying cry for individuals to accept their worth and stay true to their truth, inspiring listeners with a message of confidence and independence.

“I’m Your Woman for Life.”

Celine Georgi - “As If” press photo

As the song continues, the bridge introduces Kelly Big Dreams as a promising lover in Celine’s story. His presence brings an unexpected twist, presenting a character who possesses sincerity and a desire for genuine connection. Through his verse, Kelly brings an element of hope and optimism to Celine’s journey, presenting a path of potential healing and fulfillment.

The collaboration of Celine Georgi, Teo Amari, and Kelly Big Dreams in “As If (Remix)” not only amplifies the emotional depth of the original song but also demonstrates the diversity of talent and artistic synergy that exists in the music industry. Through their combined efforts, they have created a song that resonates with listeners on many levels.

Celine Georgi – “As If” (Official Music Video)

Celine Georgi expresses her diverse talents through heartfelt R&B, driving pop elements, and poignant lyrics. She grew up listening to Queen and electronic dance music icon, David Guetta. Celine also became familiar with music by attending church and watching the Hannah Montana TV series. Her daily inspiration comes from artists such as Justin Bieber & Ariana Grande, Alessia Cara, and Tori Kelly.

Although Celine is open to becoming famous, she still wants to stay true to herself and not let fame affect her. She says, “You know, it’s not about fame and money. To me, music is about living your passion and uplifting others.”

“As If” is featured on Celine Georgi’s debut EP, “Serendipity I,” which included her most listened-to singles so far.

Celine Georgi – “As If (Remix)” single

Celine Georgi - “As If” cover art

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