CC Clarke - “On Read” press photo
Photo by Talia White

CC Clarke releases a liberating dance single, entitled, “On Read”

CC Clarke is a British singer-songwriter and a hugely influential content creator. Not too long ago, she released a liberating dance single, titled, “On Read.”

CC Clarke – “On Read” single

“‘On Read’ is about feeling the pressure to either text everyone back or more specifically feeling the need to reply to that one person who ghosted you and now expects you to instantly run back. NOPE! Liberate yourself, turn the music up and leave them ‘On Read’ is what I say.” – CC Clarke explained

‘On Read’ finds CC Clarke living rent-free in the head of someone who keeps blowing up her phone. Apparently, this individual is shamelessly trying to crawl back into her life or good graces. Unfortunately, CC isn’t interested and is more concerned about winning best dressed and getting messed up in the club tonight.

‘On Read’ contains ear-pleasing vocals and a relatable narrative that will resonate well with listeners who want to ditch their phones and hit the dancefloor. The energetic tune possesses drum-and-bass-laden instrumentation flavored with electro-dance and contemporary pop elements. Furthermore, “On Read” follows mildly on the heels of CC Clarke’s previous releases including “Not Playing,” “Boys Do Cry,” and “Back To You,” which have collectively accumulated over five million streams.

“You fooled me once, now I’m done.”

CC Clarke - “On Read” press photo
Photo by Talia White

Although CC Clarke is most famously known as a beauty content creator, she has been writing music since she was a child. At first, her parents would find her hand-written lyrics and be convinced that she was copying poems. But songwriting remained something of a side hustle until she appeared on a Maybelline advert as part of their ‘Colour Sensational’ campaign.

The ad was featured in Piccadilly Circus. When they asked her to provide a song for the advert, she knew that something had finally, emphatically clicked. She gave them the sultry pop song, “Solo,” which was influenced by one of CC’s idols, Rihanna. While some may say ‘you never want to meet your heroes,’ that cannot be said for CC as she had an amazing experience when she was handpicked to spend the day with Rihanna while the platinum-selling artist was in London.

“We drank tequila and sang The Spice Girls together. It was insane, so crazy. And afterward, it made me realize, ‘I’ve got to follow in her footsteps!” – CC Clarke stated

“I ain’t gonna write you back tonight.”

CC Clarke - “On Read” press photo
Photo by Talia White

CC Clarke definitely isn’t a name you could have missed these past few years: she’s a highly influential fashion, lifestyle, and Instagram sensation – named ‘Most Influential Online Beauty Influencer’ in 2019 by The Sunday Times. Balancing bold brand ambition and an emerging music career, as well as a young family isn’t easy, but CC makes it look that way, helped by her fierce ambition, boundless energy, and passion.

With a following of 2.1M on Instagram, as well as thousands of others across her multiple channels, CC engages her audience through both trend-led and personal content, which she delivers in an authentic way, helping her create a global community of loyal fans. This year CC was invited by TikTok to join a panel alongside senior TikTok team members, to discuss how brands can create success by working with creators.

With popular influencers like KSI making the transition from content creator to music, there is no better time for CC Clarke to bring her 2M+ followers into her music world.

“On Read” single

CC Clarke - “On Read” song cover art
Photo by Talia White

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