Cara Hart - “Glitter” press photo

Cara Hart releases a danceable pop tune, entitled, “Glitter”

Cara Hart is an LA-based singer-songwriter from Barcelona. Not too long ago, she released a danceable pop tune, entitled, “Glitter”, produced by Dwilly.

Cara Hart – “Glitter” single


“Red lips, cigarettes, and I still act like a child. Big dreams, limousines, I’m told that I’m too wild. But who said it’s wrong, I still believe in magic. You want me to try it on, but I can’t kick this habit. ‘Cause I just want glitter, I just want this glitter on the floor. So let’s make it glitter, all we need is glitter nothing more.” – lyrics

‘Glitter’ tells a dreamy tale of a magical young woman who sparkles with optimistic thoughts.

Apparently, being a torch holder, she believes in magic and dreams of accomplishing big things.

‘Glitter’ contains an enchanting storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and upbeat instrumentation scented with an electro-dance aroma.

Cara Hart

Cara Hart press photo

“‘Glitter’ is about freedom, both personal and sexual. It’s about staying true to yourself, regardless of what anyone thinks. And remembering that nothing can stand in your way, no matter how hard things get, we all find our glitter again. Now I call some of my fans glitterbugs. They like me are wild ones that don’t fit in with the crowd. They bring that glitter into my life.” – Cara Hart

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