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Cammy releases a soulful pop single, entitled, “Band-Aid,” featuring Will McClean

Cammy is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter and musician from Wellington, New Zealand. Not too long ago, he released a soulful pop single, titled, “Band-Aid,” featuring rapper, Will McClean.

Cammy – “Band-Aid” single featuring Will McClean

“Me and Will are childhood mates, raised in the same hometown. We’ve both been coming up on this music grind together. It feels so full circle to finally share this one with the world. I was inspired by something Pharrell Williams said on a podcast: ‘Chords are co-ordinance.’ This means chords take you places emotionally. In the final month of production, I changed the voicings of the chords in the wobbly synth to feel more sombre. This edit flipped the emotion that was evoked into a more saudade realm.” – Cammy explained

‘Band-Aid’ depicts a wonderful story of a complicated romance. It’s a feel-good but bittersweet track, and through Cammy’s lens, it’s a reminder that every cloud has a silver lining, while Will McClean’s storytelling mixes up the flow.

‘Band-Aid’ also contains a relatable narrative, conversational raps, cunning cadences, and ear-pleasing melodies that will resonate well with fans of BENEE, Justin Bieber, and The Weeknd. The likable tune possesses engaging drums, a groovy bassline, and jazzy horn-laden instrumentation flavored with a soulful alternative pop vibration. Furthermore, “Band-Aid” serves as a tasty appetizer to what listeners can expect to hear from Cammy and Will McClean in the near future as they continue to release new music.

“Band-Aid” single featuring Will McClean

Cammy - “Band-Aid” cover art

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