Camila Cabello - “Liar” cover art

Camila Cabello releases a music video for her “Liar” single

Camila Cabello is a popular singer-songwriter from Cojimar, Cuba. Not too long ago, she a music video for her “Liar” single.

Camila Cabello – “Liar” music video

“I don’t care if you’re here or if you’re not alone. I don’t care, it’s been too long. It’s kinda like we didn’t happen. The way that your lips move. The way you whisper slow, I don’t care, it’s good as gone. I said I won’t lose control, I don’t want it. I said I won’t get too close, but I can’t stop it.” – lyrics

‘Liar’ tells a flirtatious tale of a young woman who desires more love from her significant other. Oftentimes, she says that she doesn’t need this special person in her life. But then she changes her mind because she actually does.

Camila Cabello + Liar poster + Designed by flavsdesigns
Designed by @flavsdesigns

‘Liar’ contains a relatable storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and lush instrumentation flavored with a commercial pop aroma. Not too long ago, Camila Cabello released a music video for her “Shameless” single.

Camila Cabello – “Shameless” music video

“Don’t speak, no, don’t try. It’s been a secret for the longest time. Don’t run, no, don’t hide. Been running from it for the longest time. So many mornings I woke up confused. In my dreams, I do anything I want to you. My emotions are naked, they’re taking me out of my mind. Right now, I’m shameless, screamin’ my lungs out for ya. Not afraid to face it, I need you more than I want to. Need you more than I want to. Show me you’re shameless.” – Camila Cabello

‘Shameless’ and “Liar” will both be featured on Camila Cabello’s upcoming sophomore studio album, entitled, “Romance.”

Camila Cabello - “Romance” cover

“Thank you so much to everyone and all my fans for all the LOVE on these two songs. Honestly, my goal for this era is to just share my truth and share who I am with all you guys. Also, I can’t wait for you to hear more! This whole world of ‘Romance’, the songs and the visuals, is really capturing my life and my journey the past couple years. All I really want this era is for you guys to feel like we’re in our own world together. Escaping any coldness, harshness, being too cool-ness, or mundaneness and into a world of surrealism, passion, emotions, and magic! I just want us to escape together honestly ❤️ and the fact that you guys care to listen and support make me feel really lucky. So thank you so much, I love you!!!” – Camila Cabello

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