Caleb Hearn press photo
Photo by Hunter Cohen

Caleb Hearn releases a heartfelt pop ballad, entitled, “Where Do We Go from Here?”

Caleb Hearn is a rising singer-songwriter from the small rural town of Mount Airy, North Carolina. Not too long ago, he released a heartfelt pop ballad, entitled, “Where Do We Go from Here?

Caleb Hearn – “Where Do We Go from Here?”

“I can still see the stain on your sweater when you looked at me and believed when I told you we’re in this together and you smiled back and agreed. I can still see your hand-covered face in the place that I dropped to a knee. Oh, when life seemed forever, and nothing could come in between you and me. Now I’m holding your hand, but it don’t feel the same. And I’m looking at you, but you’re looking away. How did we go from doing anything to be close to losing everything that we know?” – lyrics

‘Where Do We Go From Here?’ tells a powerful story about a young guy who shares a challenging relationship with his significant other. Apparently, there’s trouble in paradise, and their once budding love is fading away. Therefore, he asks his partner, “How did we go from anywhere with you being home to sleeping here and feeling alone?”

‘Where Do We Go From Here?’ contains a relatable narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and tuneful harmonization. The emotional tune possesses piano-driven instrumentation flavored with a gloomy contemporary pop vibration. Furthermore, “Where Do We Go From Here?” is Caleb Hearn’s debut release via Nettwerk Records.

“When we whispered I love you at night, Baby, I miss the way that we meant it. Now, I’m holding my breath, hoping you wanna stay.”

Caleb Hearn press photo
Photo by Hunter Cohen

“Easily one of the most personal songs I have ever written. It’s inspired by a young couple that I knew growing up. I saw how strong and pure their love was for each other. Tragically, the wife passed away from cancer, leaving the husband and their two kids behind. Their story hit me in a way that I can’t fully describe.” – Caleb Hearn explained

Caleb Hearn is a young storyteller with a viral talent for writing and recording meaningful, intimate songs with unrelenting authenticity. Since his debut single, Caleb has emerged as part of the next-gen singer-songwriters with 1.4 million TikTok followers and pushing 120k Spotify followers. Caleb weaves the classic live sounds of the singer-songwriter genre (piano, guitar, and strings) with his generation’s undeniable talent for unfiltered lyrics that boldly tackle personal conflicts related to identity, politics, and mental health.

Caleb Hearn – “Always Be 2.0” single

Caleb’s breakout single, “Always Be,” is about the death of a close friend. The song quickly resonated with audiences on TikTok, and the  Internet followed  Caleb’s journey from re-releasing the song [“Always  Be  2.0”] to owning the master recording in its entirety. The reworked single amassed 13 million streams, followed by the equally successful track, “Brown  Eyes, Brown Hair,” with nearly 14 million streams.

Caleb Hearn

Caleb Hearn press photo
Photo by Hunter Cohen

“I always loved writing. Whether it be journaling or writing short stories. I learned that I could bridge the two—music and writing. And I fell in love with the process. I knew I had to make a career out of it because I wanted to do something bigger – something that I loved.” – Caleb  Hearn  explained

Caleb used music as an escape, leaning on the craft of storytelling and songwriting to channel whatever he was going through at that moment. He joins Nettwerk’s expanding label roster, including artists like WrabelSYMLRosie  Darling,  Andrew McMahon, and others.

“Where Do We Go from Here?”

Caleb Hearn - “Where Do We Go from Here?” song cover art

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