SYML press photo by Ana Sanchez
Photo by Ana Sanchez

SYML releases a heartfelt alternative tune, entitled, “Flags”

SYML (Brian Fennell) is a talented singer-songwriter based in Seattle, Washington. Not too long ago, he released a heartfelt alternative tune, entitled, “Flags”.

SYML – “Flags” single

“I struggle with things that seem supernatural but are actually very natural. Cancer is natural. Nature is undiscerning and unforgiving. Cancer is raw and shapes the landscape of our lives. The metaphors run deep but they don’t make mourning someone any less painful, especially before they leave us. I wrote ‘Flags’ like I write many of my songs, as a sort of therapy. It’s from the perspective of our bodies experiencing cancer. We meet pain and hopelessness with community and fight, and the fight is meaningful. Cancer f**king sucks and life is beautiful.” – SYML

As with millions of people around the world, cancer is extremely personal for SYML. While supporting loved ones who are battling with the disease, SYML dealt with his anguish the best way he knew how, through his music. 

“Flags” single

SYML - “Flags” cover

Simplicity is what moves SYML (pronounced “simmel”, means “simple” in Welsh). His music focuses on the things that matter. “Flags” serves as his most powerful and essential statement yet. Furthermore, the song reminds listeners why SYML is an artist to listen to in 2020.

We recommend adding SYML’s “Flags” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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