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Brooke Law releases a charming pop tune, entitled, “Don’t Say It’s Love”

Brooke Law is a London-born British singer/songwriter. Not too long ago, she released a charming pop tune, entitled, “Don’t Say It’s Love”.

Brooke Law – “Don’t Say It’s Love”

“Touching me right all through the night. Turning me on when you turn off the light. So, and then you say those three words. I’m thinking whoa, boy, take it slow. You gotta know that I’m only just getting’ to know ya.” – lyrics

‘Don’t Say It’s Love’ tells the story of a woman who’s dating a guy who’s head-over-heels in love with her. After several dates, he tells her, “I love you”. Those three words send chills down her spine. So much so that she takes a huge step back because she feels it’s too early for him to be saying he loves her.

Brooke Law

Brooke Law photo from Don't Say It's Love video

After days of breakfast in bed, the guy wants her to meet his parents. But she feels that’s too much to ask because they are in the process of getting to know each other. She feels he’s rushing things and he feels the time is ripe to expose their relationship. She disagrees. All she wants, for now, if it’s not too much to ask, is for them to have fun in bed while enjoying being in each other’s company.

‘Don’t Say It’s Love’ contains a relatable storyline, wonderful pop vocals, and an energetic instrumentation flavored with an electro-pop aura. 

Brooke Law – “Don’t Say It’s Love”

Brooke Law + Don't Say It's Love artwork
“Don’t Say It’s Love” is about being free and confident with where you are and not rushing into anything because that’s the norm. Enjoying the moment and not getting wrapped up in anything too soon.” – Brooke Law

Brooke Law was brought up in a mixed heritage household, where being expressive was encouraged. Her musical influences include Annie Lennox, Joan Armatrading, and Jeff Buckley.

We recommend adding Brooke Law’s “Don’t Say It’s Love” single to your personal playlist.

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