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Blesd releases a gratifying soul tune, entitled, “Gratitude”

Blesd is an R&B-inspired/spirit-driven band based in Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, they released a gratifying soul tune, entitled, “Gratitude”.

Blesd – “Gratitude”

“I am grateful for the air I breathe, the orange trees, and the ocean breeze. It’s a part of me, yeah. And I am thankful for the ones who surround me. Stick around for me, take a chance on me. A second glance at me.” – lyrics

‘Gratitude’ contains an inspiring message, soothing melodies, and a lush instrumentation perfumed with the aroma of naturalness.


Band Members include Brock Pollock, Ayo Awosika, Jeremy Lawrence, Lily Elise, and Joe Conner.

“This song is a reminder to stay thankful and live life from this mindset. Not only once a year, but all year and every second of every day. It also serves to remind us that everything happens for a reason and not to take anything in life for granted. Even the simple things. We wrote it about a year ago and are so happy to be sharing it now. Hope you feel it :)” – Blesd

Blesd musical inspirations include Indie.Aire, D’Angelo, and others. Their credits include background vocal work for Miley Cyrus, and Don Henley, drumming for Bobby McFerrin. Also, their music has been placed on major TV networks such as ABC and PBS. The band’s members all have impressive resumes of their own.

We recommend adding Blesd’s “Gratitude” single to your personal playlist.

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