BIG T releases a visual mixtape, entitled, “Poison Love Story”

BIG T is a battle rapper/emcee outta Chicago, Illinois. Not too long ago, he released a visual mixtape for Valentine’s Day, entitled, “Poison Love Story”.

BIG T – “Poison Love Story”

Poison Love Story consists of 5 songs and it is 13 minutes long, plus advertisement. Also, appearances include Smack, Superstar Jay, and the late Great DJ White Owl.


“For my day-one fans and supporters of this battle sh*t, especially the ones that f*ck with #bigtuna, BIG T, Mr. Chillackaboo, NWX, Booker T, a.k.a. #yokotuna love. Thank you. Grab my discography if you can. What’s your email? I’m selling it directly to my people that watch my material. If not, grab some merchandise. Thank you.” – Email T at to buy his full digital discography (50+ songs, $25)


  1. Poison
  2. Opposites Attract
  3. Got Me Gone
  4. Talking ‘Bout ft. Keep Pushin (produced by Rain)
  5. Shoot My Shot (filmed by Azae Production)

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