The Best Casino Games to Try at Online Casinos NOW

Online casinos have become very popular. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find websites that do not offer the full variety of casino games today, but which are the “best”? There are many ways to look at this. For one, you should start by asking yourself what matters to you. Indian Roulette77 will give you many good reasons to try. Now, we will look at all the popular online casino games that you can play and enjoy today.


Slots may as well be the best online casino games that you can ever play and there are many good reasons why we believe this is the case. Players who enjoy slots love how easy they are to play. All you need to do is place a bet (which is usually very small,) and spin the wheels. This is how slot games work, and they can be quite enjoyable. Slots also feature many bonus levels, free spins, multipliers, and other ways to make the gameplay so much more fun. The best part, according to players is that you do not need to know any theory. Everything is just pure luck and there are often jackpots that make the whole thing even more tempting from start to finish!


Roulette is one of those casino games that looks scary at first, but it’s quite easy and often rewarding to play. The game of roulette comes in many different iterations, as well – French, European, and American. There are lots of ways you can enjoy the game, including as part of a normal table game at a casino or as part of a casino’s live portfolio can roulette be beaten. The game is basically asking you to place a stake on certain numbers (or combinations of numbers), spin the wheel and see what happens next. Win or lose, roulette is lots of fun!


Blackjack is an awesome game with a capital “a.” The title is quite fun for several reasons – first it allows you to count cards, which is not going to work online, but the idea that you can do it in a land-based casino is quite fascinating to many players. Just ask people who play the game what they think of it. It’s brilliant. It has a very high RTP and that is always welcome as you want to make sure that the casino game you try actually offers you a fair chance of winning. For this reason, players do enjoy coming back to blackjack time and again, making sure that it really is one of the games that stands out online when visiting an Internet casino.

Video Poker

Video poker is admittedly a bit of a niche option. It’s super popular with players who believe that they can calculate the odds and beat the games, though. There are players who even write literature and books on how they became rich playing video poker. Although the RTP is very high in a game of video poker, you still need to remind yourself that this is a game of luck more so than skill. Still, this romanticized version of video poker has made many people to seek out and try beating the game, making it one of the best – or at the very least – more popular titles.

Live Casino

Live casino is a type of casino game that you will want to check out. Now, we say a game, but the fact is that there are many games in the live casino vertical and this is very normal. These live casino games include traditional titles, such as blackjack, roulette, and baccarat, for example, but they also feature some very innovative titles such as Lightning Roulette, Immersive Roulette, First Person Blackjack, Monopoly Live, and others. Live casino is a segment that brings you some of the best online casino games you can try!

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