Why Online Casinos Issue Bonus Codes

Online casinos have become more prevalent in the past several years. Even a cursory glance at statistics will show that more people register for these websites than ever before. Already, the industry generates billions of dollars and may rival the land-based casino market soon. The question we have is why? Just why did iGaming suddenly become so popular?

The Surge of iGaming

A major reason behind the success of iGaming is convenience. Fans can access these websites from home using any electronic device. Furthermore, thanks to mobile casinos, gamblers can now play while on the go, at the café, or even during their break at work. Accessibility and convenience are both a significant part of the success of iGaming.

However, the bonuses truly entice people to check out online casinos. Online casinos issue bonus codes that players can use to earn free bets, match deposits, and other similar prizes. Most casinos make bonus codes simple to use and understand by attaching Terms and Conditions that spell out exactly how to use these promotional offers.

At first glance, it is all for the player’s benefit. However, casino bonus codes are a win/win situation. Let us explore why online casinos issue these bonus codes and how they benefit from them.

Player Engagement

Players enjoy getting special treatment, whether through loyalty bonuses, VIP programs, or a welcome promo code. The main reason online casinos issue bonus codes and no deposit bonuses is to engage their players and ensure a loyal user base. Naturally, the players are satisfied by the offer and will likely return to play at the casino again.

While it is to the players’ benefit, there is also a degree of self-serving. Online casinos want to bolster their player base, so they do what they can to maintain loyal customers. Part of that is enticing them with welcome bonuses and engaging them further with loyalty or VIP programs.

Promoting Different Deposit Options

If you have experience with iGaming, you know that online casinos offer different transaction methods. Credit cards are the standard. However, you can also use e-wallets, Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, and even direct wire transfers. One of the reasons casinos offer bonuses may be to promote the different deposit and withdrawal options.

It is simple; some bonuses work with only specific transaction methods. There may be a “crypto bonus,” for example. To acquire said bonus, a player must wager using cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Different withdrawal/deposit methods have their pros and cons. However, we recommend you refrain from using methods you are inexperienced with or have no prior knowledge of. At least get educated about how they work before you do so.

Compliance with the Law

Believe it or not, some jurisdictions stipulate that an online casino must offer bonus codes. The reason is simple: bonus codes make terms and conditions simple and easy to understand, thus ensuring a safer environment for players. After all, to claim a bonus code, you first need to read the T&C.

Most online casinos follow these stipulations and comply with national laws to get as many licenses as possible and ensure a broader market. That way, they get much more exposure. Of course, the more exposure, the more players, and the more players, the more profit. It is to an online casino’s benefit to comply with these laws.

Game Promotion

The slot machine has a long and storied history in gambling. Throughout it, one thing has remained true: slots are the absolute king of the casino. By far the most popular games in the iGaming industry, online slots continue the tradition their land-based predecessors set.

However, not all slots are created equal. Some become a lot more popular than others. Some languish in obscurity, and some are just objectively better. Sometimes, great slots fly under the radar. An online casino might tie a bonus to that game to raise awareness for these underappreciated slots.

Some bonus promos indeed work only with one specific game in mind. Others may work in a broader selection. There are even some promo codes that will work on completely different games and not just slots. In any case, a big reason online casinos have promo codes is to promote the games on their websites that may have yet to be recognized.


What are bonus codes at online casinos?

Bonus codes are letters and numbers you can type into a casino while registering and get a bonus reward.

How do promo codes work?

Simple really. All you have to do is type them, either while registering or depositing, in a designated area. When you do so, you will get your bonus.

What are bonus code Terms and Conditions?

The terms and conditions of a bonus code are the stipulations that players have to follow to make use of the bonus that they are using. If the terms and conditions aren’t met, a player will not receive their bonus.

Why do online casinos offer bonus codes?

There are multiple reasons for online casinos to offer bonuses, from player engagement to customer loyalty, game promotions, and even regulatory compliance.

Are there crypto-based bonus codes?

There are, indeed, crypto-based bonus codes. However, not all casinos offer bonuses with cryptocurrency. If that is what you want, we recommend reviewing the bonus code’s T&C and ensuring it allows for crypto deposits.

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