Bava - “Itsy Bitsy” press photo

Bava releases a lovely debut single, entitled, “Itsy Bitsy”

Bava is a singer, songwriter, producer, and performer. Not too long ago, she released a lovely debut single, titled, “Itsy Bitsy,” written alongside collaborator, KillaGraham.

Bava – “Itsy Bitsy” music video

“‘Itsy Bitsy’ is bold, unapologetic, cheeky, and cute with intricate production that was lovingly yet painstaking to create. But most of all, it’s fun! It’s my first release as an artist and I wrote it at a time when I felt disempowered and needed to escape into a fantasized 1000 feet tall boss version of myself taunting the one who hurt me. I hope it brings confidence and joy to everyone who listens.” – Bava explained

There’s been a strong build-up ahead of releasing Bava’s first song. Over 13,000 of her fanbase have already created their own content from the teaser of “Itsy Bitsy” that Bava uploaded. The song is bold, brash, playful, slightly odd, and gloriously left-of-center.

“Itsy bitsy little guy, bite you like a little fry.”

Bava - “Itsy Bitsy” cover art

“‘Itsy Bitsy’ is an introduction to me as an artist. My music goes between kind of feisty, ear-wormy, and flirtatious. I love blending the organic with the digital, so there’s real recorded cello and subway sounds mixed with digital drums and stylized synthetic effects.” – Bava stated

Few artists launch their debut song with a hit already under their belt. But in the instance of Bava, she’s already co-penned DJ Snake, Cardi B, Ozuna, and Selena Gomez’s global smash, “Taki Taki,” in 2018 – where she coined the phrase for her sound: Slinky Pop. “My first instinct in calling it that was just this sinuous, playful nature of my music,” she says. “That it slinks around beats. I want you to be able to move to everything I’m doing.”

For Bava, achieving your dreams, no matter where you come from is a human right. Her goal has always been music and it always will be. She creates everything from scratch in the studio, her second home. Expect lots of top-level, shape-shifting pop from Bava in 2023.

Bava – “Itsy Bitsy” single

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