Askling releases a delicious pop tune, entitled, “So Precious”

Askling is a young and talented Danish pop singer. Not too long ago, she released a music video for her delicious pop tune, entitled, “So Precious”.  

Askling – “So Precious” music video

“No excuses ‘cause the truth is…wanna do it do it again. This kinda thing is precious, This kinda thing is rare, this kinda thing takes practice. Baby, we’re almost there. We’re up all night like a movie. You make me feel like the new me. Just keep on doing what you’re doing.” – lyrics

‘So Precious’ tells the cheerful story of an optimistic woman who can’t wait to wrap her loving arms around her significant other’s body. She’s head-over-heels in love with him. Also, the things he does to her mind, body, and soul make her feel something she has never experienced before. 



“Askling recently won the national talent prize Tak Rock Talentprisen 2018. Also, her previous single, “It’s You”, has over 4-million streams on Spotify.”

‘So Precious’ contains a blissful storyline, smooth vocals, and lush instrumentation embedded with elements of R’n’B as well as electro-pop. Therefore, we recommend adding it to your personal playlist.

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