Askling - “Chase For Your Love” press photo

Askling unveils the title track from her debut album, entitled, “Chase For Your Love”

Askling is a talented singer-songwriter from Roskilde, Denmark. Not too long ago, she released the title track from her debut album, entitled, “Chase For Your Love”, co-written by Maia Wright.

Askling – “Chase For Your Love” single

“I say trouble. I see it in, see it in your eyes. Somethin’ about your struggle, and that’s the way, that’s the way you lied. They say that you’re bad, bad luck. They say that you’re bad for me. No one will be better off, no one will be sad. I don’t know why I chase for your love, I chase. I should be so afraid of your love, so afraid.” – lyrics

‘Chase For Your Love’ tells an adventurous tale of a young woman who desires to be loved by another individual. Apparently, to accomplish her goal, she realizes she has to go after what she desires to have—even though what she wants might cause her future troubles.

‘Chase For Your Love’ contains a relatable narrative, ear-welcoming vocals, and tuneful melodies. Also, the catchy tune possesses groovy instrumentation scented with a commercial pop aroma.


Askling press photo Chase For Your Love

“The song has such a contagious vibe to it. Even though it’s not a happy love, there’s a happily surrendering to my bad habits. A kinda vibe that leaves you dancing. On another level, the song refers to chasing recognition and fame, likes, and followers. A part of the business that’s difficult to avoid and can be as unhealthy as a really bad boyfriend.” 

Askling has been in the music business since the age of eight. Her releases in the past year alone have been convincing and her collaborations cool and conquering. Currently, she’s writing more than ever and looking forward to live venues re-opening in Fall 2020. Furthermore, “Chase For Your Love” serves as a wonderful introduction to what listeners can expect to hear on Askling’s nine-track debut album.

Askling – “Chase For Your Love” project

Askling - “Chase For Your Love” cover art

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