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Arms Akimbo releases a heartfelt alternative tune, entitled, “Pitchfork”

Arms Akimbo is a four-piece indie-rock band. Not too long ago, they released a heartfelt alternative tune, entitled, “Pitchfork”.

Arms Akimbo – “Pitchfork” single

“I feel like the song is a letter to my band and my loved ones back home. I wanted to tell the people in my life that even though it’s not the easiest path that we’re on, it’s the right path and we’re not going to give up. We don’t play music because we want to. We play music because we have to. And, as we say in the song, ‘if we’re patient then we’ll make it eventually’.”

‘Pitchfork’ tells an interesting tale of a young musician who is out on the road, on tour in west New Mexico, very far away from a special woman who has his heart.

Apparently, it was hard for him to goodbye to her, and shortly after his departure, he felt that he had let her down. Her emotional wellbeing made him question if she will still want him when he returns home.

While on tour, he thinks about her text message which states how he always let love slip away. Deep down, he wishes she’s wrong about that statement.

Later, things aren’t the same and a tad bit quiet when they talk on the phone. Also, the thoughts of losing her and not fulfilling his musical goals scares him. But he remains patient and hopes that everything works out in his favor. 

Arms Akimbo – “Seven Dollar Paycheck” EP

Arms Akimbo - “Seven Dollar Paycheck” cover art

“I wrote ‘Pitchfork’ on a non-stop drive back to LA from Austin, Texas,  after SXSW 2018. Facing the existential dread that comes with finishing a tour, I couldn’t help but think about the way that being a musician connects you with so many people while simultaneously being extremely isolating. Music is our form of communication to reach people who might be feeling the same way that we are and we use that to build a community. But functioning as a musician means being on the road and being away from the people that you care about. This dichotomy can be tough to balance.”

Arms Akimbo’s consists of Peter Schrupp (vocals, guitar), Chris Kalil (guitar, vocals), Matthew Sutton (drums), and Colin Boppell (bass).

They labeled their single ‘Pitchfork’ in reference to the lyrics at the end of the song.

The likable tune encourages those in the music industry to never give up. Also, it narrates the existential dread which comes with finishing a tour.

Arms Akimbo

Arms Akimbo - “Pitchfork” banner

“The song was written in two parts, with the first section functioning almost like a tour diary, a vignette of our life on the road. The second part is more of a personal plea to my loved ones to stick by me on this journey. It’s also my attempt to explain why I have to play music and why it’s so deeply instilled into who I am.”

‘Pitchfork’ contains a relatable storyline, warm vocal tones, and summery instrumentation flavored with melodic guitars.

The song is featured on Arms Akimbo’s latest EP, entitled, “Seven Dollar Paycheck”.

Arms Akimbo – “Seven Dollar Paycheck” EP

We recommend adding Arms Akimbo – “Pitchfork” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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