Anthony Lazaro press photo
Photo by Asja Caspari

Anthony Lazaro releases an adorable indie-soul tune, entitled, “A Million Songs,” featuring Marle Thomson

Anthony Lazaro is an Italian singer-songwriter living in Hamburg, Germany. Not too long ago, he released an adorable indie-soul tune, entitled, “A Million Songs,” featuring Marle Thomson.

Anthony Lazaro – “A Million Songs” single featuring Marle Thomson (lyric video)

“I’ve got a sad song for every moment that I’ve missed you. And I’ve got a good one for every hour that I’m with you. Give me some sweet strings for every moment that I dance with you. A thousand horns playing for the joy of kissing you. And then a million times, I’ve told you that you brought grace into my life. And I was born again the day that I met you. But words are not enough, so let me treat you with this small song that you can sing out in the shower. Or you can whistle while you driving in your car.” – lyrics

‘A Million Songs’ tells a heartfelt tale about a young guy who wants to give his significant other a special gift worth carrying around. Apparently, the present is an endearing song created to warm his partner’s delicate heart. Later, with an enchanting voice, he tells his companion, “There are a million songs that say, ‘I Love You.’ But you know I don’t believe them because they’re always missing you.”

‘A Million Songs’ contains a relatable narrative and ear-soothing vocals that will resonate well with fans of Amy Winehouse, Leon Bridges, and Lianne La Havas. The nostalgic tune possesses thudding drums, funky guitar, and groovy bass-laden instrumentation flavored with indie-soul, jazzy R&B, and retro-soul elements. Furthermore, “A Million Songs” serves as a tasty appetizer to what listeners can expect to hear from Anthony Lazaro in the near future as he continues to release new music.

“Got a sad song for every moment that I’ve missed you.”

Anthony Lazaro press photo
Photo by Asja Caspari

“‘A Million Songs’ is a homage to classic R&B from the ‘60s, with a pinch of the ‘70s, a wink to Amy Winehouse, and a big ‘hello’ to summer! It’s a song that demands to be heard in a car with the windows down or the buds on a sunny beach. Keywords: relax, smile, and enjoy!” – Anthony Lazaro explained

Anthony Lazaro has been navigating the seas of electronic-chilled music with an acoustic guitar as a rudder. His destination is wrapped in uncertainty, but the travel is what matters the most. His musical influences include Radiohead, Coldplay, Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, Devendra Banhart, and Amy Winehouse.

Lazaro entertains a worldwide audience. A few of his notorious fans include Jeon Jung-kook, BTS’s V, and Henri Lau. Not too long ago, Lazaro’s songs were selected to travel to the moon with Space X in two years. In the meantime, he’s making a point of honor to knock down the borders between countries and genres.

“A Million Songs” single

Anthony Lazaro - “A Million Songs” song cover art

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