Andi - “Devil's Work” press photo
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Andi releases a sensational piano pop ballad, entitled, “Devil’s Work”

Andi is an LA-based singer-songwriter from New Jersey. Not too long ago, she released a sensational piano pop ballad, entitled, “Devil’s Work,” produced by Adam Boukis.

Andi – “Devil’s Work” lyric video

“The prom queen looks real pretty, but inside she hates her life. And the boy that starts on varsity’s dad doesn’t treat him right. The quiet girl that’s in the corner has so much more to say. If only their minds weren’t so damn opaque. She’s the life of every party but she sits alone at lunch. Her reflection shows her ribcage, but she thinks she weighs too much. And they call each other best friends when it’s a forbidden crush. Onе that their parents would nevеr approve of.” – lyrics

‘Devil’s Work’ finds Andi addressing the heartbreak that comes from not feeling worthy. The young songstress encourages listeners that they’re not the only ones who are hurting inside. Later, she tells them, “I know you’re feeling so damn helpless, but before you do something reckless, remember, magazines have editors and makeup does the devil’s work.”

‘Devil’s Work’ contains a relatable narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and conscious lyrics. The emotional tune possesses moody piano-driven instrumentation flavored with a gloomy contemporary pop vibration. Furthermore, “Devil’s Work” speaks directly to listeners who are struggling with mental health, self-acceptance, and barely making it through the day.

“Isn’t it sad the way it works? That we think we’re the only ones who hurt.”

Andi - “Devil's Work” press photo
Photo by @mariposabih

“‘Devil’s Work’ was inspired by the lack of open conversation about mental health. So many people portray perfect lives online yet are struggling behind the scenes. The lyric, ‘Her reflection shows her ribcage, but she thinks she weighs too much,’ portrays the reality of this day in age – especially on social media. There is a beauty standard that is so unattainable that young girls and boys are unable to see themselves clearly. I want this song to help people get through tough times that feel impossible to get through. The line, ‘Magazines have editors and makeup does the Devil’s work,’ is another metaphor for social media setting unhealthy standards. You aren’t seeing the editing of the pictures, posing, or fake lighting; you’re just getting the final product. This is so unhealthy for young boys and girls.” – Andi explained

Since the start of the year, Andi has accumulated nearly one million new TikTok followers and gained over 160,000 followers via Spotify. At only 19, Andi has several standout singles under her belt including “Over,” “Life’s Not Like The Movies,” and “f u jack” to name a few. Also, Andi uses self-awareness to connect with her fellow teens as she charts the trials and tribulations that come with her age.

“Devil’s Work” single

Andi - “Devil's Work” song cover

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