ALIX press photo for “Spoiled” single

ALIX unveils an appealing lyric video for her “Spoiled” single featuring Rozee

ALIX is an LA-based singer-songwriter who grew up in the Bay Area, California. Not too long ago, she released an appealing lyric video for her “Spoiled” single featuring Rozee.

ALIX – “Spoiled” music video feat. Rozee

“Candy kisses, I’ve got what you’re missing yeah. What you’re reminiscing on, I’ve been granting all your wishes. Can you see the vision yeah, don’t know what you’re missing ‘cause we’re so f***ing caught up in it? Come over for a night thing, I can be your right thing. I’ll be waiting in the kitchen, body is a vision yeah. Do me like the dishes ‘cause we’re so f***ing gone, gone, gone. Tell me your pretty little secrets.” – lyrics

‘Spoiled’ tells a sensual tale about a young woman who shares a passionate relationship with her significant other. Apparently, she’s been waiting up all night hoping to put something marvelous on her partner. When he arrives, it doesn’t take long for their room to get hotter than the Sahara Desert. Later, after four awesome rounds of lustful fun, black mascara runs down my enchanted face while sits on the counter not wanting the night to end.

‘Spoiled’ contains a relationship-based narrative, pleasing vocals, and harmonious melodies. Also, the sensual tune possesses vibey instrumentation flavored with a warm indie-R&B aroma. Furthermore, “Spoiled” serves as a wonderful presentation of what listeners can expect to hear on ALIX’s emotionally uplifting album, entitled, “Feel Better.”

“Speaking my language, now I’m gonna have to give it to ya.”

“The project reminds me of familiar comfort, warm cups of coffee, getting cozy, dancing around the house, focusing on self-care, and feeling connected to others by getting connected with ourselves. I wanted to keep the sounds light, comforting, and positive to symbolize a lifestyle I want to be dedicated to. But I wanted to include the humanity of needing to talk through feelings and turn frustration into constructive growth. There were emotions I confronted in these songs that I needed to get off my chest to feel better and move on.” – ALIX stated

‘Feel Better’ finds ALIX telling stories of her past adventures and experiences living in California. She takes listeners on her journey through personal struggles and conflicts, coming out on the other side of self-realization.

The first track on the album, “Easy Living,” sets the mood. The song paints a picture of her past with old friends in California. On track four, “Good” featuring NEZZA, she uses honest lyrics with soothing instrumentals to tell a story of love, heartache, and new beginnings.

ALIX – “Good” music video featuring NEZZA

“I want to bring awareness to important topics, as well as GoFundMe campaigns having to do with these topics that haven’t reached their goals. By spotlighting these causes I hope that my listeners get involved and we can all, including myself, learn more about these topics and get funding campaigns closer to their goals. It is important that we get our lives more involved in ways we can listen, contribute, and improve our communities on both big and small scales.” – ALIX stated

ALIX brings her album to a close with a story of moving from the west to the east coast. Also, the challenges that came with that on track 11, “Golden.” She uses hopeful instrumentals and comforting vocals to bring her audience into a sense of healing.

ALIX – “Feel Good” album

ALIX - “Feel Better” cover

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