Alison Ogden - “Sweetest Sound” press photo

Alison Ogden releases a charming love song, entitled, “Sweetest Sound”

Alison Ogden is an LA-based singer-songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee. Not too long ago, she released a charming love song, titled, “Sweetest Sound,” produced by Tony Chetta.

Alison Ogden – “Sweetest Sound” single

“I don’t want to be the one to watch you walk away. Don’t want you to be the one to be my worst mistake. ‘Cause baby, I’m so in love with your crazy. You build me right up just to bring me back down. I do it all just to have you around. There’s no one else, you’re the sweetest sound.” – lyrics

‘Sweetest Sound’ finds Alison Ogden showing what falling in love sounds like. The infectious track, which radiates beautiful energy, contains layering sultry vocals over a modern yet romantic instrumental. Alison paints a scene of everyone’s first true love while displaying immense vulnerability in this love song for ages to come.

‘Sweetest Sound’ contains a love-based narrative and an ear-pleasing vibe that will resonate well on notable playlists such as All the Feels, Fierce Femmes, Fresh Finds, and Are & Be. The nostalgic-sounding tune possesses lush instrumentation flavored with indie R&B and contemporary pop elements. Furthermore, “Sweetest Sound” follows mildly on the heels of Alison Ogden’s debut single, “Loving Me.”

Alison Ogden

Alison Ogden - “Sweetest Sound” press photo

“‘Sweetest sound’ is my favorite song I have created thus far, written with Olivia Webb, a Nashville songwriter, and produced by Tony Chetta. This song shows such a vulnerable moment in my life and a relatable one at that. Everyone can relate to finding your first love and not wanting to let go; despite the trials you’ve faced. I hope this track reaches my fellow hopeless romantics so they can scream sing this in their car too.” – Alison Ogden explained

Alison Ogden is a force to be reckoned with. Her musical influences include Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera, Queen, and Aretha Franklin. On February 19th, she will be participating in the new upcoming season of ABC’s American Idol. Viewers can tune in at 8 pm EST via ABC to see if Alison will obtain the golden ticket to Hollywood.

“Sweetest Sound” single

Alison Ogden - “Sweetest Sound” cover art

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