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Alex McArtor releases a poppin’ indie-rock tune, entitled, “Touch”

Alex McArtor is a Dallas-based 16-year-old singer-songwriter from Austin, Texas. Not too long ago, she released “Touch”, a poppin’ indie-rock tune from her upcoming debut album, entitled, “Spoken Word”.

Alex McArtor – “Touch”

“I love expressing myself through writing music. I believe it’s the most beautiful, raw thing we can do on this Earth. To express through art and have something to say.” – Alex McArtor

Movies like Trainspotting and The Velvet Goldmine inspired Alex McArtor to recreate cinematography through sound.

Her newest single, “Touch”, is a chaotically wonderful tune which creates an ambiance of both emptiness and fulfillment.

The poppin’ tune contains a relatable storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and energetic instrumentation flavored with alternative-rock and indie-pop elements. 

Alex McArtor

Alex McArtor photo

Alex McArtor attends boarding school in New Hampshire. She continues to develop herself as an artist while enjoying the great outdoors.

The bubbly teen loves to write poetry and music, and she is into the works of film/photography. Also, she has a passion for traveling, spending the last two summers in Thailand/Laos and Morocco.

Over the last year, she wrote and recorded her “Spoken Word” album with Aaron Kelley at AK Songworks in Dallas, Texas. Kelley has worked with a number of Billboard charting artists including Don Henley, The D.O.C., Jordan Sparks, and Shawn Mullins.

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