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Alex McArtor releases a music video for her “Touch” single

Alex McArtor is a Dallas-based singer-songwriter from Austin, Texas. Not too long ago, she released a music video for her “Touch” single.

Alex McArtor – “Touch” music video

“‘Touch’ is about being alone in your own head and in a big city. It’s a deeply personal song filled with angst and self-reflection. I wanted to create a video that conveyed those things in an edgy, urban environment like Brooklyn & NYC.” – Alex McArtor

Movies like Trainspotting and The Velvet Goldmine inspired Alex McArtor to recreate cinematography through sound. ‘Touch’ is a chaotically wonderful song that creates an ambiance of both emptiness and fulfillment. The likable tune contains a relatable storyline and pleasing vocals. Also, it possesses moody instrumentation scented with an indie-rock aroma.

“Touch” single

Alex McArtor – “Touch” cover art

“I love expressing myself through writing music. I believe it’s the most beautiful, raw thing we can do on this Earth. To express through art and have something to say.” – Alex McArtor

Alex McArtor grew up listening to Lou Reed, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and Led Zeppelin. Her “Touch” single is featured on her debut EP, entitled, “Spoken Word“. The 6-track project pulls inspiration from classic-rock and ‘90s-alternative while showcasing McArtor’s vocal talent.

Stream “Spoken Word” EP via Apple Music

Alex McArtor – “Spoken Word” cover

“When this doesn’t feel authentic anymore, I am out. It’s been me painting a picture, not doing something because some guy is telling me what to paint.” – Alex McArtor

‘Spoken Word’ is getting quite a rapturous response. So far, it has amassed over 2.4M collective streams online.

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