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Alessia Labate releases an entertaining music video for her “OMG” single

Alessia Labate is a 22-year-old Milan-based singer-songwriter and producer from southern Italy. Not too long ago, she released an entertaining music video for her “OMG” single.

Alessia Labate – “OMG” music video

The music video displays many characters played by Alessia Labate in a homemade household delirium and a 2.0 remote party. Also, the visuals were filmed with an iPhone 8-plus and focused on fashion and the healing power of taking care of ourselves.

‘OMG’ contains a relatable narrative, ear-welcoming vocals, and tuneful melodies. Also, the lighthearted tune possesses an up-tempo instrument flavored with a gritty bassline and alternative-pop elements.

Alessia Labate

Alessia Labate - “OMG” photo

Alessia Labate’s musical influences include Tove Lo and Michael Jackson. Her sound fuses pop with everything else and her freedom shows up in her honest and sometimes brave lyrics. Releasing “OMG” in full lockdown is her way to show we can still make something out of boredom and have fun with it, no matter the situation.

“OMG” single

Alessia Labate - “OMG” cover
Artwork shot by Walter Coppola, styled by Ara, Clothes by DassùYAmoroso, designed by Salvatore Esposito

“Here you go expecting all that good behavior. Here you grab me acting like some kind of savior. You just want me in your bed so don’t pretend. You just want me to lie down like I’m your pet. Whatcha think you’re doing showing pics of your car? That’s a lame as hell flex but, ok. You just wanna break hearts but you’re playin’ yourself. I want nothing you got, yeah. Goodbye, good luck, you’re done.” – lyrics

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