ZIV press photo
Photo by Tamir Moosh

ZIV releases a music video for her “This Is Why” single

ZIV is a contemporary R&B singer-songwriter/producer from Jerusalem. Not too long ago, she released a music video for her “This Is Why” single.

ZIV – “This Is Why”

“I find peace of mind in far places. I get scared when people say sh*t. Sometimes, I daydream into myself to make the noises go away, to shut the noises in my head. They make my ears bleed on my bed. The train still running through my eyes. The train still running through my mind. I find peace of mind in far places.” – ZIV

The music video finds ZIV by her lonesome in various locations such as deserted and isolated areas where no people are. In these quiet places, she finds peace of mind and is able to daydream, unwind, and focus on eliminating unwanted noises in her head.

‘This Is Why’ contains a dreamy narrative, sweet soul vocals, and drum-fueled instrumentation flavored with hip-hop and urban soul elements.

ZIV – “This Is Why”

ZIV – “This Is Why” artwork

“Looking back to the time I created ‘This is Why’, I was so completely into the project. I remember I couldn’t let go of my gear for a whole week, day or night. The process started with making the beat. I composed the chords on my synthesizer, and when the melody was ready, the lyrics floated out of my mouth as if they were always ready in the back of my mind, and were just waiting to pair up with the beat.” – ZIV

When you read in-between the lines, you might find peace of mind after listening to ZIV’s music. It’s adorable and her poetic lyrics reads beautifully and paints a perfect picture. Also, her head-bopping production sounds amazing.

ZIV in Tel Aviv, Israel in 2016

ZIV press photo

“That time in my life I was struggling to find my place in the ‘big city life’, and found it much easier to never leave my room and home studio. The only other place I felt comfortable and at ease was in nature, up the north of Israel or down south in the serene and quiet desert. Sometimes, I still had to face society, and there were still special moments, surrounded by noises and colors where I could fall into a blissful daydream, and come over my anxiety.” – ZIV

We recommend adding ZIV’s “This Is Why” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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