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Zion releases a music video for his “The Point” single

Zion is a 19-year-old British-Nigerian R&B singer-songwriter from South London, England. Not too long ago, he released a music video for his “The Point” single.

Zion – “The Point”

“‘The Point’ is an eclectic contemporary R&B take on the rising UK Drill scene.” – Zion

The LX-directed music video was filmed in London England. Also, the audiovisual highlights the rising young singer’s grand performance in an empty underground garage. Later scenes display a festive crew flexing behind the artist.

‘The Point’ contains a relatable storyline, fresh soul vocals, and energetic instrumentation flavored with hip-hop, urban soul, and trap elements.

Zion – “The Point”

Zion + The Point + artwork

Zion’s “The Point” single follows the release of his “Friendzone” and “No Wahala” singles. So far, the two singles have collectively amassed over 1M streams and 600K video views. Not too long ago, Zion released the music videos for “No Wahala” and “Friendzone“. 

Zion – “Friendzone”

“Baby girl take time, ya know. I need a little more than Facetime, and I wanna see you in the daytime. If you’re busy then it’s late night and I heard through the grapevine…ni^^as, they be talkin’ ’bout your waistline. But they can never take mine. How we, boom boom like the bassline. Girl, I wanna grab it, grab it. Every time you walk past I wanna slap it, slap it.” – Lyrics

Zion – “No Wahala”

“No Wahala” is a take on the Ivorian Coast Group Magic System’s Afrobeat classic, entitled, “Premier Gaou”. 

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