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Yung Gravy unveils a hilarious Anchorman-inspired audiovisual for his “yup!” single

Yung Gravy is a Platinum-certified rapper from Rochester, Minnesota. Not too long ago, he released a hilarious Anchorman-inspired audiovisual for his “yup!” single, via Republic Records.

Yung Gravy – “yup!” music video

“I be like, ‘Yup, b*tch, that’s how I be living’. And your b*tch say, ‘What’s up (aye)’, she tryna get it. ‘Gravy, lemme f**k.’ Ooooh, I’ll consider it. I ain’t bust a nut in the last thirty minutes. So I say, ‘Yup, baby girl, I’ma hit it, hit it, baby.’ Aye, don’t you f**k with me, buddy, you could meet the Fockers. When I pop it off, call me Orville Redenbacher. I be cookin’ up, I’m the young Betty Crocker. Gravy piped your mom again, wow, what a shocker. Hannah Montana, I got the juice, I got the Fanta. I got the juice like a banana, I got the juice like Tropicana.” – lyrics

‘yup!’ tells a saucy tale of a cool guy who stays with a plethora of fly women by his side. Apparently, he’s a boss who lives every day like it’s his birthday. Later, when he steps in the building, blunts are being lit and Hennessy is available to be sipped.

‘yup!’ contains braggadocious raps, a playboy narrative, and quotable bars. Also, the likable tune possesses vibrant instrumentation flavored with a commercial rap aroma. Furthermore, ‘yup!’ serves as a wonderful presentation to what listeners can expect to hear from Yung Gravy in the near future as he continues his claim to fame.    

“She calls me Papa Johns, I got the sauce baby.”

Yung Gravy press photo

Yung Gravy keeps bobbing and weaving at lightspeed. Earlier this year, he joined forces with partner-in-crime bbno$ (pronounced “baby no money”) to serve up “Baby Gravy 2”. Meanwhile, his 2019 full-length debut continues to put up numbers. So far, the project has accumulated over half-a-billion streams, quietly affirming Gravy as one of the game’s hottest emerging talents. Not too long ago, he picked up platinum plaques for his “Mr. Clean” and “1 Thot 2 Thot Red Thot Blue Thot” singles. Therefore, get ready as the Gravy train continues to dominate streaming with more music on the way.

“yup!” single

Yung Gravy - “yup!” cover art

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