YoungQueenz + N.O.L.Y + Floyd Cheung

YoungQueenz + N.O.L.Y + Floyd Cheung release visuals for their “獅子麒麟鳳 Shiji Keilun Fung” single

YoungQueenz + N.O.L.Y + Floyd Cheung are Chinese hip-hop artists out of Hong Kong, China. Not too long ago, they released a music video for “獅子麒麟鳳 Shiji Keilun Fung”, a single from their “龍寨 (DragonTown) EP”.

YoungQueenz + N.O.L.Y + Floyd Cheung

“Money got me trippin’ out on DMT. Foreign girl they DM me. F*ck, I wanna be rich. Jesus, I wanna be rich, famous. Poor people living in hell on earth but they are not evil. Money is the root of all evil but fast car and designer house…Who is in heaven now? (Rich people live like they are in heaven). Tour life like silk roads in ancient China. Cash in every year getting’ prosper never cash out. Getting’ Chinese girls with chinky eyes and Chinese apron. She has the cleanliness but loves the stink of cash.”

“獅子麒麟鳳 Shiji Keilun Fung” is a song about wealth and all the perks and ills that come along with having it.  

YoungQueenz + N.O.L.Y + Floyd Cheung The video begins with a Chinese woman playing an ancient acoustic instrument.

The next scene shows the artists performing inside an antique hall designed with dragons and other significant artifacts. Also, printed Chinese currency of different amounts is flashed across the scene and later used to make it rain.

YoungQueenz + N.O.L.Y + Floyd Cheung

YoungQueenz + N.O.L.Y + Floyd Cheung

“Counting this guap on me. Watching these girls dancing. I tell her light up my cigarettes. I got side b*tches on both sides. Putting my hand underneath her clothes. Skin looking pinky. Real love is like fire. Every night we sleeping in peace going through the highs and lows. I don’t mind if I win or lose anymore.”

“龍寨 (DragonTown) EP”

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