XXXTENTACION stars in an occultic music video for his “SAD!” single

XXXTENTACION was a popular new-age rapper out of Plantation, Florida. Not too long ago, after he was shot and killed, his label released an occultic music video for “SAD!”, a single from his “?” album.


“I gave her everything. She took my heart and left me lonely. I think broken heart’s contentious. I won’t fix, I’d rather weep. I’m lost then I’m found. But it’s torture being in love. I love when you’re around. But I f*ckin’ hate when you leave.”

The JMP-directed video begins with a black background and XXX’s eyes.

Also, a series of questions flash across the screen: Hello, my name is gekyume. what is your name? how old are you? why are you watching this video?

XXXTENTACION – the meaning of “gekyume”

gekyume is a new word that XXX created or an entity he was channeling. According to the artist, the word means a ‘different state’ or ‘next’ universe of thought. Some say—Gekyume is a demon, an anti-Christ energy.


The following scene shows the real XXX walking down an aisle inside a church. There are more than a few people seated in the pews, praying. Also, the artist is wearing a tan cap, black polo shirt, and Adidas sweatpants.

A series of questions flash across the screen: why do you love. why do you hate? what is your blood type? birth time and place?



“here is your warning and soul’s demand by perceiving this video. if you are watching you are subjected to subjected to a segmented piece of my creative aura and wishes. you are now in “my” world or…a piece of my consciousness as one would say.”

The real XXX walks up to the pulpit. There he sees the fake XXX lying dormant inside an opened casket.

The following scene shows him seated on a stool, in a dim-lit room. His head is down and his hands are in a praying position.

Gekyume, wearing a black hooded robe, is standing in front of him.



“here is my demand. you will spread love throughout the world, praise and joy unto my name and change the overall cycle of energy we are digesting. the world is in need of change, humans must learn to love and compromise rather than destroy. blessings be upon those who have come to this visual presentation with good energy and love rather than malice. and those with negative intent, thank you your energy has been transmuted in the amount of time that you’ve taken to give your energy. the world will soon be more loving, you will see.”

The video flashes back to the church, where the real XXX is standing over the casket. But the fake XXX comes alive and thrillingly grabs him by the throat. A squabble between them happens inside the holy tabernacle, where the real overcomes the fake.

In the next scene, the real XXX is wobbling back and forth on the stool. But Gekyume isn’t there. Also, a ticking time clock flashes across the screen, symbolizing there’s not much time left.

The video flashes back to the fight scene. This time it’s outside, and the real XXX continues to beat up the fake one.

Gekyume appears again. This time, it’s standing on the right side of the hypnotized artist.



“they do not understand you. do you not fear? your worst enemy is yourself and you seem unbothered though you cannot pretend you have walked through life unscathed… it is your memories that hold you to the person that you were to amount to the light you can become… you must understand the power of your mind.”

The video flashes back to the fight scene. But this time, the real XXX uses his mind to destroy his real enemy, the fake XXX, who is alive only because he exists as a memory.



“Oh! And I want her love (loyalty) all to myself. People change. Things change. And so X (I) did. As long as the outcome is good for myself and family, I’m not complaining.”  

In conclusion, “SAD!” is a gloomy song about a heartbreak, which leads to suicidal, the killing or shedding away of one’s outer self, the body, and exposing the true living self, the spirit. Also, the music video adds dimension and optimism to a depressed, but a real situation that many people are facing every day.  

XXXTENTACION – “?” album

“Who am I? Someone that’s afraid to let go. You decide if you’re ever gonna let me know. Suicide if you ever try to let go. I’m sad, I know, yeah, I’m sad, I know, yeah.”

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