Xtina Louise - “Bubblegum” cover

Xtina Louise releases a visually appealing music video for her “Bubblegum” single

Xtina Louise is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter. Not too long ago, she released a visually appealing music video for her “Bubblegum” single, which plays into the idea of bubblegum pop and pokes fun at what people think pop is supposed to be.

Xtina Louise – “Bubblegum” music video

‘Bubblegum’ tells an adorable tale about a young woman who finds herself falling for someone good for her soul but bad for her health. Her companion is sweet like bubblegum and she compares him to honey. Later, she describes their relationship, “It tastes like sugar, it’s giving me a rush. Quit, how could I when I can’t get enough?”

‘Bubblegum’ contains an endearing, love-based narrative, tuneful melodies, and ear-pleasing vocals that will resonate well with anyone who is in a blissful stage of a romantic relationship with their significant other. The lovable tune possesses melodic drum-laden instrumentation flavored with a warm contemporary pop vibration. Furthermore, “Bubblegum” is a taste of what’s to come from Xtina Louise shortly as she continues to release new and exciting music.

“Good for my soul but you’re bad for my health.”

Xtina Louise press photo

“‘Bubblegum’ is similar to love. It’s only good for you until it isn’t in the same way that candy/sweets are good for you until you go to that dentist for a checkup, and everything is wrong. In the moment, the feeling outweighs the risk.” – Xtina Louise explained

Xtina Louise’s music embodies an intriguing blend of pop, electronic dance music, and hip-hop. Her silky-smooth vocals and ambient synth style paired with her bass-driven, trap influence create a unique experience for listeners.

Xtina Louise – “Bubblegum” single

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