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XL Syndicate Lights Up the Dancefloor with their “Starfall Sonata” EP

XL Syndicate (@xl.syndicate) is a collective based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Not too long ago, they released their “Starfall Sonata” EP. The project features the standout single,  “Lights Go Down,” featuring RAENE (@itsraenemusic), a talented singer-songwriter based in London, England.

XL Syndicate – “Lights Go Down” music video (featuring RAENE)

“Recording ‘Lights Go Down’ was a celebration of music’s ability to spark joy and unbridled enthusiasm. We channeled our creative energy into infusing the track with an irresistible groove, utilizing a mix of instruments that amplify the song’s dance-inducing qualities.” – XL Syndicate explained

“Lights Go Down” is a fitting ode to the prime days of house music and warehouse parties that continued all night until the sun came up. XL Syndicate retooled that classic sound for our current era. Ultimately, the group put together “Lights Go Down” so that others could experience a similar release. It’s the perfect song to end the year with.

Furthermore, “Lights Go Down” is a song that should be played at high volume in rocking clubs in Toronto, Miami, Vegas, and Ibiza. However, XL Syndicate says that the genesis of the song was much more intimate and revolved around the universal theme of seeking refuge in music and dance.

XL Syndicate – “Starfall Sonata” EP

XL Syndicate - “Starfall Sonata” EP cover art

“We wanted more than just a bunch of songs; we wanted a story. Each track is like a chapter, and Long Way, Lights Go Down, and Fantasy are the pages. It’s not just music; it’s an expression of who we are and the world we’re dreaming of. The recording was wild—sometimes in a fancy studio, sometimes in a random spot during our travels. The surroundings didn’t matter; it was all about capturing that raw energy. These weren’t just songs; they were snapshots of our journey. The magic of ‘Starfall Sonata’ is in the collaborations —sounds from everywhere, vibes from diverse cultures, and energy from collaborators all over. Our instruments became bridges, and teaming up with like-minded talents added a whole new flavor to the project.

We’ve got stories, from random sparks of genius to those late-night debates about a track’s soul. ‘Starfall Sonata’ wasn’t just about making music; it was like a group adventure, a coming together of minds and spirits to create something beyond the norm. Our connection—within the group and with our collaborators—was everything. It was like an unspoken language, a shared vision that echoed in every beat. This EP is a tribute to the teamwork and creative flow that happens when people who vibe together make music.

In the end, ‘Starfall Sonata’ is more than a group of songs; it’s an invitation to join us on this crazy journey. It’s not just beats and melodies; it’s a story. As the media looks for stories, we’re handing them more than music—we’re giving them a tale of collaboration, fusion, and a shared vision for the limitless possibilities of sound.” – XL Syndicate explained

Stream XL Syndicate’s “Starfall Sonata” EP

“Starfall Sonata” EP is all about capturing raw energy. Listeners can hear vibes and sounds from diverse cultures and of course that infectious energy XL Syndicate represents.

XL Syndicate

XL Syndicate press artwork

XL Syndicate’s sound was influenced by multiple genres including soca, reggae, and R&B — consistent with the group’s Caribbean upbringing. “Caribbean vibes run deep in our veins,” they wrote on their Instagram page, which has generated quite a following. XL Syndicate has an intense love for dance music and they want to bring that same spirit to dance floors around the world.

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