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William Wassinger releases a lovable pop tune, entitled, “Still Thinking ‘Bout You”

William Wassinger is a 22-year-old singer-songwriter from Copenhagen, Denmark. Not too long ago, he released a lovable pop tune, entitled, “Still Thinking ‘Bout You.”

William Wassinger – “Still Thinking ‘Bout You” single

“Hey, baby, it feels like a lifetime ago. It’s been so long and we don’t talk anymore, though every word we said used to rhyme. You might be the best girl I’ll ever find. Do you remember back when you were mine? Nobody gets to choose who they love. And sometimes, there are those where it may never stop. Thought I had moved on, I thought I didn’t mind, and that it was easier to leave you behind. I hope I get you when the time is right. Now there’s not a single day I don’t regret I didn’t make you stay.” – William Wassinger explained

‘Still Thinking ‘Bout You’ tells a heartfelt tale about a young guy who can’t stop thinking about his ex-girlfriend. Apparently, she was the best companion he ever had, and he regrets letting her go. Later, he tells her, “It ended so fast, why were we in a hurry? Now, when I look back, all my thoughts seem so blurry. ‘Cause, we look so happy in that photograph. Tell me was it really all that bad? Do you remember all those times we had?”

‘Still Thinking ‘Bout You’ contains a post-relationship-based narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies that will resonate well with fans of John Mayer and Donald Fagen. The breezy, nostalgic tune possesses smooth synths, keys, and old-school saxophone-laden instrumentation bursting with electro-dance and contemporary pop elements. Furthermore, “Still Thinking ‘Bout You” is featured on William Wassinger’s debut album, entitled, “In The Middle Of It All.”

“This song was made for the one who got away.”

William Wassinger press photo

“I don’t live in the past ’cause you might be my future. The truest love I felt was back when I knew ya. Baby, we’re still young and so is the night. Should we go dancing again under those colored lights? I hope I get to be back by your side.” – lyrics

William Wassinger’s songs derive from personal experiences and emotions. His dream is to become an internationally known recording artist with a major label backing. Currently, he resides in the US (from February to May 2022) to play concerts, record new songs, and connect with people in the music industry.

“In The Middle Of It All” album

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