What makes a song a hit?

If artists, producers, and record companies were aware of a method for making songs that would guarantee their popularity with listeners, then the music industry would be even more powerful than it is today.

Of course, there are certain production techniques that can be used in music creation that are specifically designed to increase a song’s appeal – this type of approach is perhaps most readily used within the ‘pop’ genre. However, there is no easy, sure-fire way to make a hit record.

Different songs for different purposes

Nevertheless, the success of a song should not necessarily be judged on how popular it is, or indeed how long it remains in public consciousness. Rather, the key objective here is for the song to resonate with its intended audience.

The lyrics in a song may be relatable to a certain group of people, or its style may be particularly appealing to fans of a specific genre. Similarly, if a songwriter produces a track that complements the context or environment in which it will be most regularly played, they have arguably achieved their most important objective.

For example, the music played in the background of online casinos real money games featured will differ greatly from the songs you would expect to hear in the charts, but if they capture the right ambiance and tone, the songwriter has done their job.

What makes a song a hit?

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Indeed, if you were to indulge in a game of online blackjack, and were greeted by delicate piano music, or the realistic sound effects of cards being shuffled, then you would perhaps consider the ‘song’ – or more accurately the ‘soundtrack’ – to be successful in this context.

In the same spirit, if you were to play an online slot title that had focused on a particular concept (for example being set in space or based on an ancient civilization), you would also expect the background music to support that theme. Therefore, providing a ‘song’ is usable in the environment it was designed to be heard in, it can be rightfully deemed a success.

An emotional connection

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If a song is to connect on a deeper level with listeners, it must be able to evoke emotion. It does not particularly matter whether this emotion is happiness, anger, melancholy, or love – it just needs to move people in some sort of way.

The same piece of music might produce varying emotions amongst different individuals, but providing it makes a material impact on how someone feels while listening, the song can be said to have served its purpose. Throughout history, there are plenty of examples of songs that have been incredibly powerful and stirred up intense emotions amongst people, communities, and even whole populations.

Clearly, the success of a song can also be measured in a more conventional sense, whether that be through sales volumes, radio plays, or whether it withstands the test of time. However, as explained above, a piece of music does not need to be popular in order to have a positive impact – it just needs to deliver what it sets out to achieve.