What is a diagnostic essay?

A diagnostic essay is something that college and high school students encounter several times so accurately. This type of essay can seem complicated if you don’t know its goals, features, and structure. The fact is that the diagnostic essay is aimed at sets of skills a student should possess. It allows teachers to assess the level of creativity and abilities of students. To cope with the task successfully, you should get acquainted with the basic rules of the diagnostic essay, which will be discussed in this article.

Diagnostic essay characteristics

A diagnostic essay is a task that usually has a general set topic or contains a clue on which the student can begin to build their essay. This essay does not require any research but only shows the student’s level of erudition. Usually, such essays have very short deadlines and limited space for reflection in the form of a concise essay.

The primary purpose of the diagnostic essay is to help teachers know each student’s level of knowledge. It can be called a test. Teachers pay attention to everything from grammar and punctuation to formatting rules, and after doing some analysis, they put forward their comments and recommendations. Although these assignments are not usually graded, they allow students to position themselves favorably.

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The structure of a diagnostic essay

It is helpful for every student to remember the structure of different types of essays and what should go into each paragraph, so we remind you.

  • Entry

Use the prompt given to you in the topic of the diagnostic essay to begin the introduction. Paraphrase it in your own words to present the given topic or question. Next, briefly state what your subsequent paragraphs will be about. The final part of the introduction is the thesis statement – it should be bold and grab the readers’ attention.

  • Three main paragraphs

Each of your arguments should be separated into paragraphs. The structure of each paragraph should be the same: first, the argument and then the rationale for it. You can use your personal experience, quotes, or statistics to support your words.

  • Closure

The final paragraph is meant to end your story, so you can’t include any new information in this paragraph. It serves to summarize your argument and rephrase your thesis statement. The main message of the conclusion should be positive, so it will interest readers to explore the topic further.

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Recommendations for writing a diagnostic essay

In addition to the structure, the student should pay attention to the finer details, as they, too, are important in grading your paper. Below we will highlight what else you should pay attention to when writing a diagnostic essay:

  • Conciseness is the sister of talent – do not write too long phrases with various turns of speech, as you can easily lose the logic of thought. Your sentences should be concise. This also increases the readability of the text
  • Create an outline – before you start to write your essay, create a road map. Your outline will help you not to lose your thought and build a logically coherent chain of your arguments
  • Read and edit – after writing your essay, don’t rush to give it for review, but check it yourself. This will help you avoid major and gross errors that you just might not have noticed while brainstorming and outlining your thoughts

The diagnostic essay is inherently simpler than any other type of essay. You don’t have to research and filter information from different academic papers. Although a little bit of outside information like background data, statistics, or a citation will come in handy. You can use essay-writing services if you don’t feel inspired by this work.

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