Wellingta press photo

Wellingta releases a music video for her “It Ain’t So” single

Wellingta is a singer-songwriter from Berlin, Germany. Not too long ago, she released a music video for her “It Ain’t So” single, produced by PRGRSHN (Wstrn).

Wellingta – “It Ain’t So” single

“He was picture perfect. He was more than worth it. I’ve been, I’ve been searching…Think I found what I’m looking for. I was open, making plans to know him. I don’t know, is this love?” – lyrics

‘It Ain’t So’ tells a heart-aching tale of a woman who enters a new relationship with a desirable guy. After a while, his true colors show, and she realizes that their relationship has run its course. In hindsight, she thought she found what she was looking for, but what she encountered wasn’t the love she imagined.


Wellingta press photo

“‘It Ain’t So’ tells the story of a woman who almost falls in love. But just before that happens, she sees the true color of the man who wanted to sell her nothing but an illusion. She will never know the reason why.” – Wellingta

Wellingta is currently working in London with PRGRSHN on some new material and collaborations with other artists. Her musical influences include Wstrn, Burna Boy, Maleek Berry, and Stefflon Don.

“It Ain’t So” single

‘It Ain’t So’ contains a relatable storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and tuneful melodies. Also, the song possesses rhythmic instrumentation flavored with tropical R&B, afrobeat, and dancehall elements.

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