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Wé McDonald stars in an uplifting music video for her “Head Up High” single

Wé McDonald is a soul-pop singer from Harlem, New York. Not too long ago, she released a music video for “Head Up High”, the empowering lead single from her upcoming “Wé Ani” EP, available Friday, June, 26th.

Wé McDonald – “Head Up High”

“To change the world all you have to do is show up and I showed up just in time.”

The video shows the begins with the artist at a job interview. She’s dressed in a pinstripe suit. The receptionist tells her to have a seat, and she does, in a waiting area with four leather chairs.

Seconds later, three male candidates occupy the remaining seats, and Wé looks uncomfortable.

Even though she arrived before them, the recruiter interviews the men first, but Wé holds her head up high. Later, the recruiter apologies and Wé gets her opportunity to be interviewed.

The following scene finds her in the bathroom, fixing her hair in front of a mirror. She’s receiving a text from someone, probably the friend she was riding in the car with. 

Wé McDonald

Wé McDonald

But her jealous boyfriend, seated on a love seat in the living room, sees her dressed up, and he wants to know if she’s going out.

Wé doesn’t answer him and focuses on sending a text on her phone.

The boyfriend, apparent upset, walks over to Wé and grabs her phone. She wants it back but he doesn’t give it back. So she throws her red shoe at him.

He pushes her and then a slap follows. She fights back and he pounds her with punches that would bust open a punching bag

Wé McDonald

Wé McDonald

Wé is hurt, battered, and bruised. Nothing seems to be going right, but she holds her head up high.

To make matters worse, the recruiter tells her that he has a different (sexual) position in mind, prompting her to make a quick exit out of his office. Later, she is indiscriminately arrested by an undercover cop.

Finally, she sneaks out of her abusive boyfriend’s apartment. But she has a black eye as a reminder of their relationship.

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