Water District

Water District releases an inspiring rock tune, entitled, “Dream With Your Eyes Open”

Water District is an indie-pop-rock trio out of Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, they released “Dream With Your Eyes Open”, an inspiring rock tune from their upcoming EP.

Water District – “Dream With Your Eyes Open”

“I can see why you’re afraid to try. To live your life, you fell too many times. You make the same mistake at every turn. Feeling like you never learn. It’s alright if you fall backward. It’s alright. Dream with your eyes open. The fear will fade away.” – lyrics

The video finds the band on stage, where flashing color lights enhances their performance. Also, their liveliness is intensifying, matching the song’s already vibrant energy.

“Dream With Your Eyes Open” consists of delicate  vocals, inspiring storytelling, and a poppin’ instrumentation that rocks all the way from here to Japan!” – Bong Mines Entertainment

The song tells an evergreen story of persevering against all odds. When all hope seems lost, open your eyes (which signifies light) and dream. In doing so, the fear (darkness, insecurities, etc.) will fade into obscurity. Therefore, no matter what, don’t be afraid, dream with your eyes open and everything you know can change.   

Water District

Water District
Tice Griffin (frontman), Ryan Scottie (bass), and Erik Williams (drums).

Water District was formed in Southern California in 2014. Their sound is a mixture of indie-pop-rock and modern emo.

We recommend adding Water District’s “Dream With Your Eyes Open” single to your personal playlist.

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