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Warm Gun releases a warmhearted pop tune, entitled, “No Reservations”

Warm Gun is the musical project of Brian Chinn, a Seattle- and NY-based singer-songwriter, producer, and engineer. Not too long ago, he released a warmhearted pop tune, entitled, “No Reservations”.

Warm Gun – “No Reservations”

“Inspired by countless intoxicated conversations that blur into one, Chinn balances conversational delivery and crooning falsetto to detail an escape plan—away from the stress of the city, towards warmer weather overseas.”

‘No Reservations’ contains a relatable storyline and haunting vocal melodies. Also, the song possesses guitar-driven instrumentation which was produced, mixed, and mastered by Chinn from his Brooklyn headquarters.

Warm Gun – “No Reservations”

Warm Gun - “No Reservations” artwork

Warm Gun has classical training in guitar. He has collaborated with artists such as Dave B, London Summers, Raz Simone, Romaro Franceswa, and Sam Lachow. His efforts resulted in a tour with Macklemore in 2016, showcases at SXSW, and shows throughout the West Coast.

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