Wanessa Moura press photo
Photo by Carlo Locatelli - CO Press Office

Influencer Wanessa Moura exchanges wedding ring for Chanel bag: “A bag has more value and can seal a marriage commitment”

The Brazilian influencer, Wanessa Moura, was revealed to have a collection of designer handbags. According to her, there are 80 in total. Among the various brands present, “Chanel” is the favorite. Her passion for accessories began at age 12 when she won a simple bag. Three years later, she was able to buy a new bag with her own money, although she didn’t opt for a model that was very valuable at the time like the ones she has today.

Wanessa Moura surprises with a collection of 80 designer bags

Wanessa Moura press photo
Photo by Carlo Locatelli – CO Press Office

“A quality bag is like a jewel and will never go out of style. You can pass it on from generation to generation. They are like old cars, the rarer they are, the greater their meaning and value.” — Wanessa Moura stated

Despite the number of bags she owns, Wanessa Moura says she doesn’t use them often and prefers to keep some as collector’s items. The curious thing is that when performing an engagement, she exchanged the conventional ring of the ceremony for a Chanel bag. According to her convictions, the value of the accessory is compared to the importance of the wedding. When talking about the collection, she says she is often asked if it would be interesting to donate some pieces.

However, Wanessa considers that comments like these don’t make sense for a passionate collector. “It would be like asking a player to stop playing at the casino,” explains Wanessa. “I don’t intend to reach a specific number in my collection, maybe I need a mansion and a closet with several square meters just for my shoes, sunglasses, and bags,” she joked. When asked about the total value of her collection, the influencer declares that she doesn’t know for sure and adds: “It doesn’t matter.” For her, the symbolic value of each scholarship is what it is worth.

Wanessa Moura

Wanessa Moura press photo cropped
Photo by Carlo Locatelli – CO Press Office

“Fashion exerts a great influence on my life and I am always involved with the latest trends, my work demands that.” — Wanessa Moura stated

Even though she has lent some pieces to her friends on certain occasions, Wanessa confesses that she doesn’t like to share them. According to the influencer, care for the collection deserves special attention and she avoids going through situations that could damage or compromise them in any way.

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